Kalivaki Beach

Kalivaki beach

A slice of paradise just a step away

The beach

Porto Kalivaki has a very nice beach. It’s a bay. On both sides of the bay there are small rivers that end in the sea. These rivers carry very clean and cold water from the mountains. Therefore the water is not very warm as it mixes with the seawater. Still, in the summer the temperature of the seawater is very nice to swim in, but colder than other beaches nearby. The small rivers are also the reason the water is very clean.

Children can play safely in the sea because it is not deep. When you are about 50 meters out in the sea one can still stand on the bottom of the sea. There never are high waves in the bay. It is a safe beach for children.

The Hotel

The studios have one room. Each studio has a kitchenette, a bathroom with toilet and shower.


The downstairs studios have a terrace, the upstairs studios a balcony and air conditioning. There are 22 studios in 5 buildings. All windows and balcony doors are fitted with mosquito shields.


The studios are cleaned 6 times per week. Bed linen and towels are changed 2 times per week. The studios are simple and clean.


There is a large swimming pool available to the guests (although the owner does not mind when others use it too). There is a separate part in the swimming pool for children.

The Art

Mr. Karkani likes the great archtecture of Greece.
He has some of it rebuilt on his property. Of course much smaller than the originals.
The resemblance to the originals is stunning. They are built with great detail.
Over the years he has built about five on his proprerty      

The Taverna

A quaint and charming taverna that serves delicious food and drinks to visitors.

the taverna at Kalivaki Beach as a must-visit spot for anyone looking to experience the traditional Cretan cuisine and hospitality. The taverna is located right on the beach, offering breathtaking views of the sea, and is decorated with a warm and welcoming ambiance.

The menu at the taverna features a wide range of dishes, including fresh seafood, grilled meats, and traditional Greek appetizers like tzatziki and dolmades. Visitors can also enjoy a selection of refreshing cocktails, beers, and local wines to accompany their meal.